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Please contact us with any other question and we will be happy to respond.

You should contact us to arrange a start date after reading the details for your chosen venue and checking the calendar.

Although we have recommended start dates they are just that and you may be able to start immediately.  

Beginners benefit from plenty of revision which we include each week.

With new faces regularly joining us you will quickly get to know us and your fellow dancers.


Dancing is a pleasant way to exercise safely and at your own pace, improving your balance, posture and agility. Our social events have dancers aged from their teens up to 80! We teach very accessible social dances where you control how much energy you want to use - both in the class and when you go out socially. We will never push you to over-exert yourself. 


We structure our teaching on the assumption that life can get in the way of dancing and so it's okay to miss weeks. We do not teach a choreographed routine like on Strictly Come Dancing because when out socially both Jive and Swing are free-style dances. With lots of revision for beginners anything important that you miss will be covered again very soon.


You will cover what you need to make a start dancing socially in just 4 weeks of regular classes and you will have plenty of revision of these basics to build your confidence and develop your technique and style.

In a friendly class group you will gain confidence before joining a bigger group f dancers at our social events.


The most important thing to wear is a smile - it will make your dance partner very happy. Next you need shoes that allow you to turn easily on the ball of your foot: they should be secure and comfortable with a smooth sole. Clothing layers are a good idea so that you can adjust to suit the weather and the energy that you are burning. If you are exerting yourself during warm weather then a small sports towel can help you to stay fresh.


We may be offering some discounts if you make a multi-class purchase. Pricing info is included in the description of the individual class venue.


It's great if you have someone to come with you to the class but it is absolutely NOT A REQUIREMENT. About half of our students are couples who come together.

We keep a good gender balance between 'leaders' and 'followers'.


Jive Cats classes are friendly affairs. You want to learn to dance in order to have fun and so we like to make sure that the fun is included from the start. We are here to help you to progress in ability and confidence and so we are VERY patient and happy to take questions.

Each evening starts with time dedicated to learning and personalised coaching in the basics with a short sequence of essential dance figures.

Level 2 sessions include more demanding steps and figure variations. If part of the Level 2 class seems a bit too tricky for you we will show you how you can simplify it.

With patient progress just about anyone can become a competent and thankfully the fun starts straight away.