Select one of our introductory courses for beginners or contact us if you are an experienced dancer.

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NEW BEGINNERS To join our classes we strongly recommend that you pick a date for an introductory beginners course. Discounted and designed to welcome you to Jive Cats, these courses provide a solid start with appropriate content and easy-to-follow, super-patient tuition.

Your first booking can be made using the buttons above at least 1 day before the start date to allow us time to confirm your booking.

You can choose to pay by card or by PayPal. 

Please remember to include the names of those to attend the class. 

Note: If you have previously attended our classes and wish to re-join after a long absence but are concerned that you have become 'rusty' or need a refresh on the basics then contact us separately. 

Introductory sessions are for 45 minutes each for Jive, 60 minutes for Swing. Each week includes revision of the previous week. More advanced classes follow the introductory sessions and you can add that class introduction course, attending on a drop-in basis.

If you are unable to attend every week of your introductory course then we shall seek to accommodate you in the next course to make up the full number of classes.

Note: Beginners course fees are not refundable. If you are unsure about the commitment then contact us about attending for one week or having a brief preview session.

Most students will complete a beginners course and then move on to attending both level 1 and level 2 sessions. If you feel that you need to repeat the beginners course at the same discounted price we can arrange that with you.

For more information see the brochure HERE and check the website. If you are uncertain about any details you may contact us using our CONTACT FORM.

EXPERIENCED DANCERS If you are a more experienced dancer who wants to join in our classes without taking the beginners course then please do contact us.


Please state your request clearly with relevant details.

If contact details are inaccurate we will be unable to reply.